About CAL Group

Truck fanatics, first and foremost.

We’re all stoked when the alarm goes off in the morning because we love what we do!

We get a kick out of working with new technology, making modifications, and performing maintenance so our customers are out on the road all day, every day.


We also want to thrill our customers

We perfect our skills by doing. And we’re always pushing limits to keep our customers happy.

We don’t stop until everything is right in the eyes of our customer!

Some of us spend our time talking about trucks more than working with them. It depends on what you’re into. If you like learning about people and their needs, sales could be your thing.

With this in mind, there are always opportunities to be more hands-on. If you want to modify, service or work in repair, we provide training to help you upskill in new and exciting ways.


Our customers drive us

As a team, our goal is to meet their needs — big or small.

Yet, it’s more than that.

We support our customers by learning about them and figuring out how we can help them get the most from their truck. Whether it’s the only one they own or just one out of 100, it has to be reliable. It has to be durable and safe. It has to go the distance.

Our customers’ livelihood depends on our ability to get them back on the road if the unexpected should happen.

At CAL>Isuzu, we take pride in helping others do what they love. When you come to work, you can be proud of what you do and what our brand stands for: quality.

As a respected global brand, people know us. People talk about us. We need talented people to support what we do. If you would like to know more about opportunities to join our team, please visit our career pages:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Parts
  • Finance & Administration
  • Sales & Management

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